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My Vision: Heptabase

Medium Link:   My Vision: Heptabase Foreword After finishing the first three articles ( My Vision: The Context , My Vision: A New City , My Vision: A Forgotten History ), today I will introduce the next generation of the Internet we’re building: Heptabase . The lifecycle of human knowledge work Heptabase ’s vision is to create a contextualized knowledge internet, and an ecosystem of tools surrounding this knowledge internet, to augment the individual and collective intelligence of knowledge workers around the world. Human knowledge work has a lifecycle: exploring → collecting → thinking → creating → sharing. For example, I explore ideas from Google and and collect valuable ones to Roam Research. I use Miro to make sense of these ideas, Notion to create content based on my thinking, Medium and Facebook to share it for others to explore. The drawback to the process is that I’m constantly switching tools. The context of an idea is scattered across different tools, making it hard t