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2020 New Year Goals

English Version Stay alive. Regular exercise (8hrs/week), adequate sleep (9hrs/day), and healthy eating are the top priorities. No compromise is allowed. Write emails to people I admire who lives in San Francisco, and find a way to get them out for coffee and questions. Close read Douglas Engelbart's “Augmenting Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framework” and write a complete introduction. Make an all-English Podcast with Minerva students and complete at least ten episodes. Spend more time with my team in Taiwan to execute the next phase of the plan. Create my Portfolio Website. Get a non-Taiwan summer internship. Spend at least 100 hrs learning Argentine Tango to reach the level of locals in Buenos Aires in two years. Learn new technologies such as Docker, Typescript, Go, Netlify, and refresh old technologies such as React, Node.js. Give a Minerva Talk. Make a set of Minerva Meme's Telegram Stickers. 中文版 活著。 以規律運動(每週至少八小時)、充足睡眠(每天九小時)、健康飲食為第一要務,不容妥協。 寫信給住在舊