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Pioneers of the last century

Many people want to make an impact on the world. A common approach is to look at what we have in today's world and think about how we can make the future better. The big problem with this approach, however, is that there is too much noise in today's world. Take tech industry as an example, anyone here can peddle dreams in the name of cool-sounding technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, and virtual reality, and It's hard to tell whether these current hot spots will stand the test of time. Bubbles formed and burst, and the future may not look as good as we thought it would be. Over the past year, while researching the design philosophy of Notion and the ideas of Bret Victor, I stumbled upon another approach. Don't look straight to the future; look back to the past. Look at the pioneers of the last century and see what kind of future they want to build. Does our world fit their vision then? If not, how far have we got? What has gone wrong? Do we ha