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2020 Mid-year Recap

2020 Mid-year Recap My 2020 started with the fireworks in San Francisco. I set 12 goals for myself this year. However, before I started on any of these goals, I had to pay off my debts. Apparently, I didn’t give a shit on the $0.02 debt. We watched a beautiful night view in Bernal Heights (with silent disco). I made a bunch of Minerva Meme’s Telegram stickers. Then the semester started with Anais (from Canada) teaching me how to order coffee in Philz. We ended up in Apple Union Square and we met Andriy and Liuda (both from Ukraine) there. Me: “So with Notion, you can do this and this and this…” Anais: “ThIS is sICK.” Then there’s Civitas when all Minervans had to suit up to meet their Civic Partners. Nikita (from Ukraine) and I decided to steal some veggies for ourselves. I watched my first musical with Corin (from the US) in SF Playhouse. It’s THE GROUNDHOG DAY, one of my favorite childhood movies! Before the sea of assignments arrived, we decided to go