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Meta App - A new type of software

In my opinion, there are two types of apps in today's world: The first type is specialist apps. They have simple functions, are easy to use, have a clear value proposition, and deal with a specific use case. Spotify, for example, is for listening to music, while Zoom is for video conferencing. The second type is general-purpose apps. They usually have complex features and like to advertise themselves as "all-in-one," which can integrate many use cases into one service. These apps have a steep learning curve and aren't particularly good in a specific feature, but they save you from spreading your data across many apps. Notion, for example, can be used for teamwork, managing projects, taking notes, creating web pages, and so on all at once. Without an all-in-one app like Notion, you'll need to scatter your data across Google Docs, Trello, Evernote, Medium, etc. I am evangelizing a new type of Apps in the next decade, which I call Meta Apps. A Meta App works like a