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My Vision: A New City

Medium Link:   My Vision: A New City Photo Credit: My brother (Yu-Chien Chan) Foreword In the first article of the series, My Vision: The Context , I gave the following public statement: My goal for the next ten years is to design and build a truly universal Open Hyperdocument System and build on that system the next generation of the Internet. What do I mean by saying “the next generation of the internet”? That is the question this article is going to answer. It helps if you’ve already read the previous article, but this article can also be read without any prior knowledge. Internet as a City Imagine our current internet as a city. Every city has public spaces, such as parks, museums, libraries, roads, train stations, etc. Some places belong to individuals, such as stores and houses on the street. For our current internet, there is also a lot of public spaces. You can treat Facebook and Instagram as parks, Youtube and Netflix as theaters, Spotify and iTunes as concert