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The biggest bullshit in higher education.

Many schools try to teach students how to do research, including the methods, tools, and perhaps the habits of mind. They let students learn the concepts, work on assignments, and grade them, thinking that all these practices will help students learn and gain the skills. I believe that’s the biggest bullshit in higher education. Most assignments that my friends and I have done in colleges, either NTU or Minerva (both are top universities), are filled with our hypocritical bullshit, mainly because these assignments asked us to write essays and analyses on topics we have no interest in. All the research skills that I’ve gained are not from schools. I acquired these skills during summer breaks and gap years, when I was doing extensive reading on topics that I’m genuinely interested in, solving the problems that I actually care about. Working on things I care for automatically leads me to the quest to find better methods, tools, and habits of mind. For me, that’s the right time to take edu