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開課年度 :105-2 授課教師 :陳君明教授 開課系所與授課對象 :數學系選修 私心推薦指數(滿分十分): 七分 課程大概內容 1. Introduction to Cryptography and Data Security 2. Stream Ciphers 3. The Data Encryption Standard (DES) and Alternatives 4. The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 5. More About Block Ciphers Midterm 6. Introduction to Public-Key Cryptography 7. The RSA Cryptosystem 8. Public-Key Cryptosystems Based on the Discrete Logarithm Problem 9. Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems 10. Digital Signatures 11. Hash Functions 12. Message Authentication Codes (MACs) 13. Key Establishment Final


開課年度 :105-2 授課教師 :蔡忠潤教授 開課系所與授課對象 :數學系必修,可抵其他微積分課 私心推薦指數 (滿分 十分 ): 九 分 課程大概內容 1. Functions of several variables and continuity  2. Partial derivatives 3. Differential of a function 4. Chain rule 5. Mean value and Taylor theorem in several variables 6. Integral of functions with a parameter 7. Line integrals 8. The fundamental theorem on line integrals Midterm 1  9. Implicit functions 10. Inverse function 11. Maxima and minima 12. Lagrange multiplier 13. Solving inverse map by iterations, Dependent functions 14. Area, double integrals and Integrals in higher dimensions 15. Change of variable formula Midterm 2  16. Improper multiple integrals 17. Integrals in curvilinear coordinates 18. Higher dimensional integrals 19. Improper integrals with a parameter 20. Green's theorem 21. Applications and interpretations by flows 22. Orientation of surfaces and surface integrals 23. Gauss's theorem in space 24. Stokes's theorem in space 25