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In the past year, I realized that co-evolution is a common phenomenon in all kinds of scenarios. I think there are two reasons for such a realization. One is that co-evolution is a framework of interpreting things. When I look at things through this framework, everything becomes evidence that shows the framework is useful for understanding the world. The other is that co-evolution itself is an essential activity that takes place in all kinds of things in the world.

It doesn't matter to me which reason is more correct. Looking back in history, we can see that the way things were interpreted was often part of the truth. We interpreted life as organic clockwork mechanisms in the 17th century, biological heat engines in the 19th century, information processors in the late 20th century, and complex systems in the 21st century. It turns out that life is all four.

So when it comes to choosing a way to interpret things, I think what's more important is what kind of behavioral change …

The Devil

Two months after posting this article, I began to feel that the content was a little too personal for me, so I decided to delete most of it, leaving only the most important paragraph:

See what this chaotic world has done to me? It brought these beautiful people into my life. It treated me way better than I deserved.

Minerva 的課程體驗(大一)

Minerva 的大一生活轉眼間已經來到最後一個月了。過去半年常想好好坐下來寫點東西,但由於這裡的生活節奏非常快,每天都要消化大量的資訊,再加上我中文的語感有些退化,所以一直挪不太出時間和精力來好好寫點在這生活的體驗和反思。最近因為新冠肺炎的關係,突如其來的獲得了十天連假,決定趁著這個難得的機會寫點東西。這篇先來談點輕鬆的話題:Minerva 大一的課程體驗。

時間與環境 在 Minerva,全部的大一學生都住在舊金山的一棟大樓裡面,出門走十分鐘的路就可以走到 Minerva 的辦公室總部。每週一到四的早上是上課時間,一天兩堂課,一堂課時長一個半小時,所有的課堂全部都在 Minerva 開發的 Forum 軟體進行,所以你可以帶著你的筆電到城市中任何有網路的地方上課。

翹課 傳統大學基本不太點名,大多數課程你可以很自由地選擇要不要翹課。但是在 Minerva,所有的課都在線上進行,時間到了你沒登入系統就會被記曠課,無故曠超過三堂課就會被當掉。此外,即便你曠課了,事後還是要補看課程錄影並寄 Make-up work 給教授,否則一樣會被當掉。

課前準備 傳統大學在上課之前要做的準備不多,只要進到教室聽老師講課就行了。而在 Minerva,每堂課上課之前學生都必須把指定的閱讀讀完,這些閱讀的素材來源有學術論文、商業分析、書本節錄、開放式課程、調查報告、模擬程式、新聞報導、網路文章和影片等等。讀完指定閱讀後,還需要完成 Pre-class work,並準備在上課時提交這些 Pre-class work,要是沒交也會被記曠課。課堂的意義並非傳授知識,而是讓學生討論和練習在指定閱讀中學到的東西,所以如果指定閱讀沒讀,上課時很容易處在狀況外。

課程內容 傳統大學有上百個不同科系,每個科系都會教授該系的專業知識,例如物理系會教電磁學、量子物理,數學系會教幾何、代數。Minerva 在這邊做了一點創新:它將所有不同科系和領域中共同存在的思維習慣與基礎概念,轉換成約八十個 HC(Habits of Mind and Fundamental Concepts),並將它們分散在四門課裏頭教授,這四門課分別是形式分析(Formal Analysis)、實證分析(Empirical Analysis)、複雜系統(Complex Systems)、多元模式溝通(Multi-modal…

What I've been doing recently

🎓 Minerva Schools I am currently a freshman in Minerva Schools, and one of our main focus is to immerse ourselves in various cultures and contexts through four-year global rotation in seven cities, with peers from 70+ countries and different disciplinary backgrounds.

Right now I am living in San Francisco, our first rotation city, receiving training on Habits of Mind and Foundational Concepts, which is an essential part of Minerva's curriculum. Our goal in the first year is to learn thinking tools and reinforce our grasp of these tools by applying them in real-world projects. We've written several thesis-driven essays, analyzed complex social systems, proposed scientific hypotheses, made statistical inferences, done literature reviews, interacted with local organizations, interviewed cultural informants, and collaborated with Civic Partners.

My Civic Partner is Mighty Health, a Y Combinator-backed startup that provides a cardiologist-designed treatment plan in the mobile a…

2020 New Year Goals

English VersionStay alive.Regular exercise (8hrs/week), adequate sleep (9hrs/day), and healthy eating are the top priorities. No compromise is allowed.Write emails to people I admire who lives in San Francisco, such as Bret Victor, Sam Altman, Paul Graham, Ivan Zhao, etc., and find a way to get them out for coffee and questions.Close read Douglas Engelbart's “Augmenting Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framework” and write a complete introduction.Make an all-English Podcast with Minerva students and complete at least ten episodes.Spend more time with my team in Taiwan to execute the next phase of the plan.Create my Portfolio Website.Get a non-Taiwan summer internship.Spend at least 100 hrs learning Argentine Tango to reach the level of locals in Buenos Aires in two years.Learn new technologies such as Docker, Typescript, Go, Netlify, and refresh old technologies such as React, Node.js.Give a Minerva Talk.Make a set of Minerva Meme's Telegram Stickers.中文版活著。以規律運動(每週至少八小時)、充足睡眠(每天九…