原本這個部落格存在的目的僅僅是為了沉澱一些心得、紀錄我覺得重要的事情和保存年輕時的回憶與思想。沒想到寫著寫著發現不少文章的瀏覽次數出乎意料的高,也讓我意識到我的想法可能在不知不覺中影響著許多素不相識的人。 所以基於有人在看的前提下,我決定將文章做一份索引,讓你方便查詢。這份索引總共有兩個部分,第一部分是分類索引,其中每個類別的文章由上到下是按照發表時間由新到舊排序的。第二部分是時間索引,也就是直接將所有的文章按照發表時間由新到舊排序。 部分文章我有同步發佈在 medium 的個板上: Sheracaolity 分類索引 My Vision: My Vision: A New City My Vision: The Context Minerva系列: 2020 Mid-year Recap Minerva 的課程體驗(大一) 感恩節 一句話形容 Minerva 如何提升英文能力 四海為家 觀點: Co-evolution Pioneers of the last century 世界 休學系列: 寫在休學之後(七):使命 寫在休學之後(六):選擇 寫在休學之後(五):心境 寫在休學之後(四):細節 寫在休學之後(三):長線藍圖 寫在休學之後(二):不斷地思考、不斷地問 寫在休學之後(ㄧ點五):螺絲釘文的Q&A 寫在休學之後(ㄧ):別做螺絲釘,做自己 休學 生活反思與自省: 無題 追求卓越 Pursuing Excellence The Devil What I've been doing recently 2020 New Year Goals 從遺忘找回初心 2018 大一 一點年終自省 給資優生的一些話 2015回顧 反思對教育體制的抱怨 物理學習與競賽: 一些近代物理的理論簡介 淺談測不準原理 物理與奧林匹亞大小事 轉載-兩位IPhO國手的選訓心得 IPhO物理奧林匹亞決選選訓營日誌(2016) 淺談電磁波 物理學科能力競賽培訓心得 物理、興趣、天分、現實、求知 IPhO物理奧林匹亞亞奧國培營日

Sneak Peek

Here's a sneak peek of what I've been building recently.


Three years ago, when I decided to drop out of university, I was more scared than anyone else. Standing in front of the future with tremendous uncertainty, I had no idea where the world would take me. From then on, my biggest challenge was: how do I live with uncertainty and move my life forward, little by little, on a path that I don't know where the end is? Three years had passed. Now I'm proud to say that even though the decision was reckless, ignorant, and conceit, it was undoubtedly the best decision I ever made in my life. I gained the knowledge I craved, found the people I loved, and figured out what I wanted to do in life. The feeling of hesitation disappeared, wounds recovered, thoughts matured, and all these years' efforts finally come to fruition. But deep in my heart, I knew that this was not the end. It was just the beginning. Uncertainty is not only the norm of life but also the norm of the world. Minerva's students have to travel between cities in seven d

My Vision: A New City

Medium Link:   My Vision: A New City Photo Credit: My brother (Yu-Chien Chan) Foreword In the first article of the series, My Vision: The Context , I gave the following public statement: My goal for the next ten years is to design and build a truly universal Open Hyperdocument System and build on that system the next generation of the Internet. What do I mean by saying “the next generation of the internet”? That is the question this article is going to answer. It helps if you’ve already read the previous article, but this article can also be read without any prior knowledge. Internet as a City Imagine our current internet as a city. Every city has public spaces, such as parks, museums, libraries, roads, train stations, etc. Some places belong to individuals, such as stores and houses on the street. For our current internet, there is also a lot of public spaces. You can treat Facebook and Instagram as parks, Youtube and Netflix as theaters, Spotify and iTunes as concert

2020 Mid-year Recap

2020 Mid-year Recap My 2020 started with the fireworks in San Francisco. I set 12 goals for myself this year. However, before I started on any of these goals, I had to pay off my debts. Apparently, I didn’t give a shit on the $0.02 debt. We watched a beautiful night view in Bernal Heights (with silent disco). I made a bunch of Minerva Meme’s Telegram stickers. Then the semester started with Anais (from Canada) teaching me how to order coffee in Philz. We ended up in Apple Union Square and we met Andriy and Liuda (both from Ukraine) there. Me: “So with Notion, you can do this and this and this…” Anais: “ThIS is sICK.” Gabi (from Brazil) came to my room. Ru-Yun (from Taiwan) and I taught her how to speak “Taiwan is a country” in Chinese. Then there’s Civitas when all Minervans had to suit up to meet their Civic Partners. Nikita (from Ukraine) and I decided to steal some veggies for ourselves. I watched my first musical with Corin (from the US) in SF